A pleasure both for the eyes and one's mind

The design and modernity of our hotel is a red genre that permeates the entirety of our complex. The bold contrasts between blacks and whites, the mixture of different leathers marked by chrome lineaments, and the intriguing essence of the ambient are that which distinguish the style of the LHP Hotels. We are contemporary yet resourceful enough to inspire a sense of friendliness doubtless without equal.



Our guests are at the center of our concentration

This is our “philosophy.” It is also the mission of the LHP Hotels. Hotels and apartments of the highest standard situated in the most beautiful Italian ports of call—where every day you are the one who animates all that we wish to accomplish.


Personalized services

Each and every guest is a queen or a king!

All travelers are diverse. Each is seeking a unique experience when they journey. It is for this reason that in each of the LHP Hotels a highly-motivated professional staff awaits you. They are provided with the services and right feel knowing especially well how to satisfy your most knotty request.