Santa Margherita Ligure, the Pearl of the Tigullio - simply "Santa" to its friends - is a small hamlet of medieval origin located at one of the most spectacularly scenic points of the Portofino headland.

Since the Nineteenth Century, Santa has welcomed travellers and artists such as Hemingway, Nietzsche and De Amicis, and in the 70s and 80s it became a must-visit destination for trendsetters and VIPs in search of the Dolce Vita.

It is right here, at the centre of Santa Margherita Ligure, just a stone's throw from the sea, that you'll find the Hotel Santa Margherita Palace & Spa, where our team are ready and waiting to go the extra mile, so that you can make the very best of your visit, and see all there is to see:

Narrow, winding streets that lead along unpredictable flights of stairs and alleyways, between vibrant traditional palazzos, Liberty-style villas, local boutiques, and breathtaking seascapes - all just waiting to be discovered.
Santa Margherita Ligure is at its most beautiful when explored on foot, from the meandering streets of the old harbour, to the town's most on-trend locations, so let your instincts guide you, without map or directions.

To breathe the magical ambience of this Ligurian town, take a stroll to Villa Durazzo, also known as Palazzo Centurione, an imposing noble residence which dates back to the seventeenth century, overlooking the sea and surrounded by a large Italian garden.
Inside you'll find sumptuous lounges filled with statues, frescoes, paintings, trompe l'oeil and period furniture, rooms which once welcomed princes and queens.
The garden, with its exotic plants, winding pathways and period statues, is the ideal spot to take in all the beauty of Santa Margherita.

Santa Margherita Ligure is home to valuable historic and religious architecture.
The scenically located Chiesa dei Cappuccini church on Via Manara houses a wealth of wooden art.

THE CERVARA ABBEY, with its church, grounds and monastery, is a national monument.

The Santa Margherita di Antiochia Basilica, a stunning example of1750s Ligurian Baroque, the Church of San Giacomo, the Augustinian Monastery and the pretty San Siro complete the picture.

How lovely it is to get lost in the sound of the waves lapping against the fishing boats moored in the harbour, in this most characteristic corner of Santa Margherita Ligure.
The perfect place to step back in time, as you enjoy an ancient ambience untouched by modern tourism.
And in the afternoon, don't forget to stop off at the Fish Market, where they purchase and sell the very finest catch of the day, all year round.
And if you're travelling to Santa Margherita by boat, you can book a private mooring here.